Auto Glass Repair


Classic Collision Center Auto Glass Repair

It isn’t just shattered glass that needs attention after a collision. For optimum visibility and physical safety, any auto glass that is chipped or cracked needs to be repaired or replaced, so that your windows are as clear and structurally sound as they were pre-accident.

Chipped, cracked, and broken auto glass can compromise the integrity of your vehicle, and therefore the safety of you and your passengers. Classic Collision Center’s highly trained and certified technicians can swiftly ascertain the damage and give you a free estimate on the best way to approach auto glass repair or replacement.

Auto Glass Repair or Replace

With expertise and experience, Classic Collision Center technicians will choose the best way to restore your vehicle’s glass. If the glass is shattered or extremely damaged, it will need to be replaced, but some broken glass can be repaired. We do this by filling the cracks with optically matched resin, which removes the air from the cracks. Then we solidify the resin using a UV light that seals the auto glass repair, restoring the appearance and strength of your window or windshield.

Classic Collision Center can restore the safety and look of your vehicle with a satisfaction guaranteed auto glass repair that eases your mind and restores your confidence in your car or truck.