bumper repair


Classic Collision Center  Bumper Repair

Considering your bumper is usually the first part of your vehicle to feel the impact of a collision, it’s no surprise that bumper damage is a widespread problem. At Classic Collision Center, we have the experience, knowledge, equipment, and supplies to provide you with safe and seamless, like-new bumper repair.

Our highly-trained, I-CAR certified technicians are trained in plastic bumper repair, and know the best way to recondition your vehicle’s bumper to get rid of scrapes, scratches, dents, and any other imperfections. We will usually be able to save your original bumper, which will make it easy to blend any paint repairs to match. From thermoset to thermoplastic bumpers, from rigid plastic to semi-rigid, we have the skills provide you with the right kind of bumper repair for your needs.

Bumper Repair Services at Classic Collision Center

After providing you with a free estimate and getting your approval, our technicians will get to work on your vehicle, making it look brand-new. We will also make sure that our bumper repair and all other repairs restore not just the look, but also the safety of your car. We will return your vehicle to you, good as new, we guarantee.