Auto Paint Repair


Classic Collision Center Auto Paint Repair

Scratches and chips to your vehicle’s paint may seem like no big deal, or a minor annoyance, but over time, these small imperfections can begin to rust, and threaten the integrity of your vehicle’s exterior. This is when you need professional auto paint repair. Classic Collision Center has the experience, skills, and tools to restore your car or truck’s factory finish.

Classic Collision Center is I-CAR Certified

Our I-CAR certified painters are the finest in the business. We use computerized technology and cutting-edge auto paint repair techniques to make your vehicle look brand new again.

Starting with a completely clean surface, our painters prime the damaged area, then cure it, then sand it smooth to make it ready for paint. In our State of the Art Paint Booth, we can spray the area with a basecoat that perfectly matches the original finish of your vehicle. Then we follow up with a clear topcoat that restores the gloss, seals the basecoat, and provides a seamless transition from the auto paint repair to the original surface.

If any imperfections remain at this point, we can gently sand and polish the area for a perfectly smooth shine. When we’re done with your vehicle, you won’t be able to tell where the auto paint repair begins or ends—we guarantee it.