Hammerhead Premium

Aftermarket Bumpers


Hammerhead Premium Aftermarket Bumpers

Classic Collision Center also uses the best materials, like premium aftermarket bumpers from Hammerhead. Not only does Hammerhead supply impeccable quality, their bumpers are American designed and built in a Bay Springs, Mississippi manufacturing facility.

Repair or Replace

Classic Collision Center technicians are trained to evaluate your damaged bumper and determine the ideal way to repair and recondition it, getting rid of every scratch, scrape, or dent. If we can save your bumper, we will, so we can easily and efficiently blend the appended paint for a seamless result that you’ll love. Whether your vehicle has a thermoset or thermoplastic bumper, we have the knowledge and equipment to get it looking like new again.

If we recognize that repair won’t be enough to fix the damage to you bumper—or if you decide that you’d rather upgrade to an impressive, heavy duty truck bumper—then we can set you up with a premium aftermarket bumper from Hammerhead.

Hammerhead Quality

With a Hammerhead Armor bumper, you are getting a high-quality steel bumper that’s designed to follow the contour of your truck’s make and model so well, it can be bolted right onto the original bumper mounts.

Hammerhead Armor is owned by the Hol-Mac corporation, which welds products for the largest mining trucks in the world. Hammerhead Armor bumpers are made from the same high-quality, A36 carbon steel that is used for those trucks, and they are manufactured with the same passion and high standards that made Hol-Mac a success.

The A36 carbon steel is brought into the Hammerhead facility in plate form, and shot blasted to remove scale. Then the plate is cut, formed, machined, and welded, so that your bumper is created from start to finish in a single, American factory.

All Hammerhead Armor bumpers are painted with a textured wrinkle powder coat that not only looks great, but also provides full coverage and a semi-slip-resistant finish to give your feet grip when you step onto the bumper.

Classic Collision Center and Hammerhead Armor Bumpers- a perfect match in both precision and quality.