hail damage


Classic Collision Center Hail Damage Repair

From time to time, Mother Nature can be really rough on your car or truck. A freak hail storm can appear out of nowhere, pelting your vehicle with solid chunks of ice flying at 100 miles an hour or more, and creating hundreds of small dents all over. At Classic Collision Center, we know how to smooth out these dents, so it appears like the storm never happened.

Our technicians are certified in steel and aluminum repair, and they will use their training and expertise to erase every last imperfection from your car or truck. Our technicians are also I-CAR certified, meaning that they regularly receive training on the latest cutting-edge techniques and technology. They will make sure that your vehicle gets back to its pre-storm condition as soon as possible.

If the finish of your vehicle hasn’t been compromised, then Classic Collision Center technicians can use paintless dent repair techniques to make your vehicle look as good as new. With more severe damage, we will remove the dent, then refinish the area to perfectly match the original paint color and gloss.